Biasini Speaks: The Dentist Came to See Me.


Hello, Dear Humans, as promised I am going to tell you about the dentist.  I know you humans don’t like dentists. My human, Ma Leueen, says she hates going  to the  dentist.  I have learned that  human’s teeth are different; human’s teeth don’t grow ,they have to last for the whole of the human’s life. That is a loooong time! Ma Leueen has told me that you spend  time every day brushing your teeth and pulling bits of string through the gaps between the teeth and even then sometimes your teeth go bad , you  have to get holes drilled in them, then get those holes filled up and when they can’t be filled up any more the dentists pull the teeth right out of  your heads!  And some people have a lot of their teeth pulled out of their heads and they have to wear fake teeth. These…

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