Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/30/17


This morning I wrote about life and how no one is owed anything.  Let me ask you a question…

What is your opinion on what I wrote?

36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/30/17

  1. I agree. As irritating as it can be, I think that the only thing I can “expect” from my daily life, is my salary. Everything else I can wish, hope and work for, but nothing assures me that I’ll get them. Knowing it doesn’t make it easier to be denied some of those things I’d like to have, but I believe it can change the way I deal with the frustration.

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      • Good question… Bother might be a big word here. But they sure can get annoying, just like people who tend to be envious. In both cases, it feels like people whining because they’ve been cheated by life.

        The thing with people who always act to get something back in return, is that I have trouble taking gifts, or accepting help from them, because I feel like I am signing an IOU note.

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  2. My opinion is that it is your opinion. There are a ton of people who go above and beyond on a daily basis and what they’re due does not always come to fruition. Someone on a rung of the ladder much higher than where they are, makes that decision. There are people who have died giving their all to jobs, dreams, and things in which they had a great deal of confidence and money invested and those things never panned out for them.

    I believe it is important to work, to pursue one’s goals, to know that life doesn’t call the shots, people in high places with gaudy lifestyles and unsettled grudges most times do. Thus, one can work so hard towards something or some things and it will be proven null.

    That’s uncool in a BIG way to me.

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      • I think if those in those positions higher than most are more open-minded and willing to take chances with those on the bottom, they’d see the stamina, the determination, the hard-work, the gifts these people possess. So many people are blind, though. And greedy.

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      • Companies, politics, etc. Wherever there is a ladder, there is a higher position, a higher rung, life in general, is a mountain of totem-potes. My opinion.

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      • Ahh… But, can we, though? I’d love to see that ladder removed everywhere. But, then there’s structure and foundation, and how would that end? I think a complete reworking of the minds and hearts of those at the tops of those ladders must take place. But, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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      • You remove the ladder by working for yourself. There are always options. My company promotes often from within, takes care of employees and gives raises and promotions often. Maybe you work for the wrong company? There are education opportunities to help you advance. It is easier to see the obstacles than it is to see the opportunities. And then there are always those who have to work harder than others. Women, for instance, usually need to work longer, work harder, to be considered equal. But every person still has choices. Put in the work or work for yourself. Or sit back and accept the status quo.

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      • Oh, it’s not me, I am speaking in generalizations. I won’t be working for the company that I am currently employed by the end of next year. I am moving out of the country and will be working for myself 🙂 People do have choices, there’s no negating that fact, I am simply saying, many can do everything in their power to reach their goals, and still may not do so.

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      • Honestly speaking, do many really do everything they can? My experience shows me that the majority of people are satisfied with work quality that gets them by. Most don’t do everything in their power.

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      • I have seen people do all that they can, risk their health to do. I think different people have different experiences and see different things.

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      • My electricity bill does not get past $70 in the summer. It’s much lower in the Spring and Autumn. The highest bills come in the Winter. Lol. Don’t let her touch the thermostat ever again!

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      • This fact was tough for me to accept. I was the one sitting back waiting for life to happen to me. I did it for nearly 20 years. Then my eyes were opened to the fact that I had to take control and make a change; a change in my mind. That was 3 years ago and my life is completely different now than it was then. Unfortunately, not everyone will realize this truth.

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      • You’re most right… I am moving towards a major life change and that took time to think about and agree with, but every day is confirmation that I am almost near my goal.

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      • Two years ago for me. I decided today I will change. Today I will make things different. I will set goals. I will be mindful. I will strive and work towards self love and self worth and I will find beauty to take the place of the darkness. I thought I would never drive again. I thought I would never walk on a beach again. I thought I would never do a lot of things again until I decided otherwise. I decided that I got to choose. Who was in my life and who wasn’t. What I wanted for my family and what I didn’t. What kind of wife and mother I wanted to be. Not many around me have hung in for the long haul. Not many want to stand up and fight through the battles and see the truth and live in it. That is what I have chosen. I have my husband and daughter and some friends and I am nolonger just surviving I am living. I may be for one hour a day, for 4 hours a day, or for just 5 minutes a day but I am not sitting back and letting life run me down.

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