What Choice Do You Make Today?

What Choice Do You Make Today?

DannyThere is a truth that exists in this world–no one owes you anything.  It doesn’t matter if you are different, odd, weird, pretty, ugly, successful, smart, dumb, etc.  Life owes you zero, nada, nothing, zilch.  You can pout and complain all you want, but it isn’t going to change your circumstances.

You can hope, wish and beg.

Ultimately you have a decision to make.  Will you be the hunter or will you be the hunted?  Are you a wisher or are you a doer?  And make no mistake about it, it is a decision.  Trust me when I say that there have been people far worse off than most of my readers who have dug themselves out of less than nothing to reach their goals.

Which choice do you make today?  Do you get outside today and walk even though your legs scream at you to stop?  Do you choose to eat some vegetables today instead of fast food?  Do you choose to eliminate pay television today in order to reduce your debt?  Do you choose to read the Power of Habit today instead of watching television?

What do you choose today?



32 thoughts on “What Choice Do You Make Today?

      1. It came from your higher self and your guides. It was a moment when you got out of your own way and let the wisdom of your guardian and guides through. It’s pretty awesome isn’t it? I have two guides that help me write. When I sit down to work I call them to come help me. I know when I am on the right track because I feel it in my heart chakra and I cry. I’m actually working on a post about getting out of our way.

  1. I agree with much of what you say in this post. Of course life owes us nothing. It is up to each and everyone of us to forge our own destiny in life.
    Having said the above, it is a fact that most people in the western world find it easier to exercise choice than do those living in the developing nations. In the west it may be a choice between continuing to pay for Pay Tv or put a good quality meal on the table for the family. However in places such as Thailand it can be a choice between working as a sex worker or dying of starvation as the only support available (other than that of families and limited charitable activities) is that provided by money earned by oneself, sometimes doing a job which one would rather not be working in.
    We do also, as humans have duties one to another. There are those who could work but chose not to who do, of course not deserve our charity/compassion. There are, however people who are severely mentally or physically impaired who either can not work or can only do so in low paid occupations. Such people do deserve our help.

    1. All of what you say goes without saying. I can’t qualify each and every post with these types of things or every post I write would be one giant disclaimer. lol

  2. Life owes me nothing ✅
    I have choices ✅
    What am I to do?
    Started with wallowing but seeing this post makes me want to change course and become a doer! But after a few more cups of coffee ☕️

  3. Today I chose to get up and hit the gym even though I am dog tired from my schedule change to the evening shift. I’ve learned that my fat doesn’t care whether I’m tired or not and excuses don’t burn calories!

  4. I can’t go with the hunter/hunted idea. I don’t see life like that. But certainly I am a doer and have come back from the bottom of a dark hole earlier in my life. I admire people who can make the most of their abilities. Life sometimes deals a hard blow and that can derail our dreams. Sometimes that can be a permanent end to a dream. Then it is time for Option B ( yes I have read the book) . I would describe myself as a “bounce back” person.

  5. Choice, well given a choice it would be great but decision agreed with you it has to be made. A right decision will determine the right choice while getting me to move with what I want to do as well 😉 I choose to take up the challenge that I had to turn my demotivated team from organization restructuring into opportunities to seed and grow.

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