Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/31/17


Let me ask you a question…

If you were to change jobs or shift to a new industry, what would you do?

48 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/31/17

  1. I think I would not change industry but I would prefer something along the lines of what I did for the first employer. When I worked there, I actually designed and implemented the software solutions used by customer service and sales rather than extend and customize an existing solution as I do today.

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      • I’m not sure. I only caught bits and pieces of 30 Rock. I’m not sure if it was a news show or documentary but I clearly remember writers sitting around a table and then they’d have read throughs where the actors would read the script for the first time…everyone laughing hysterically when it works and making adjustments when it didn’t. It was years ago, so I can’t remember the show, but I think examples can be found on YouTube with a search preference of ‘sitcom writer’s room’. That really is my dream job.

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  2. I am trying to decide that very thing, right this very moment. I am currently job hunting and find myself being pulled into more of a marketing/communications role even though I have absolutely no experience in that industry. This blog that I started back in November has turned into something I love. I love researching popular tags, SEO, creating graphics for my posts, my stats and analytics. I have googled “how to become a copywriter” countless times. LIterally, soooo many times in the last few weeks. This blog has brought out creativity that I never knew I had. I really would like to see can do with it.

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