Do A Lot Of People Really Do All They Can Do?

DannyThe other day Tremaine at A Cornered Gurl (give her a visit!!) and I had a discussion in the comments of one of my posts about life not owing you anything. You can read the thread here  The basic premise of Tre’s comment was that there are tons of people who do everything in their power to get ahead and fail to do so because of people in higher positions not giving them the opportunity to advance.  My return question to Tre was to ask if there really are “a ton” of people who do all they can do.

My opinion on this is based on my experience and other’s opinions will vary, but I don’t see a lot of people in this world doing everything in their power to advance.  Are there people who give their all?  Yes.  Are there a ton of people who do so?  No.

To give one’s all is to use every moment of every day to figure out a way to achieve one’s goal.  To do everything in one’s power does not mean to work hard.  To give one’s all supersedes hard work; it is an unquenchable, burning flame of desire to possess what it is one wants.  To give one’s all is an obsessive, definiteness of purpose.    It is more than showing up every day.  To give one’s all means someone is so determined to get to their goal that they will do anything and everything necessary to do so.  I don’t know many people who possess this type of drive; present company included.

So I stand by my assertion that very few people actually give their all.  Very few people do everything in their power.  And when I say very few I am guessing that number is in the low single-digit percentile.

31 thoughts on “Do A Lot Of People Really Do All They Can Do?

  1. I agree, but think it mainly comes down to confusion or lack of any sense of direction. Being out in LA has been confusing these last few years, and trying to decide which route to take to advance one’s career often feels like like being in the middle of a desert and trying to figure out which direction leads to water. You want to try them all, but you only have so much time and so much money to try it with.

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    • Would you say that effort has little to do with money? Someone may have the desire to own their own business but not have money. But while they figure out a way to get money they prepare by learning about business, develop a plan, talk to people who own their own business, etc.

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      • Goes back to lack of direction. These days the internet and book shelves are so oversaturated with so many ‘how to quickly succeed’ stories and tips a lot of people just don’t know where to go after school. Then of course there’s the question of help. I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger when he says there’s no such thing as a self made man. I doubt very much I’d still be working on my book without the input and work of the team I put together. To those without it, it can be hard to find any genuine aid in a sea of people looking to take advantage.

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      • This is not to say there aren’t people who just give up too easily. There are plenty who don’t put in the work, but there are also many who never get the chances someone needs to succeed. You can put in all the work you want, but unless you get that open door it usually doesn’t amount to much.

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      • I would disagree in one respect. If someone works their tail off to reach a goal, but falls short, I believe they have achieved much. To me the goal is in giving your all, not necessarily in reaching what we think is the goal. I tried a lot of things in the past and failed, but those objectives didn’t matter. What mattered was that I kept trying and refused to quit. That is where success is found.


  2. I’ve never thought about it this way. But yes, you’re right. Very few people get it everything they’ve got. And to play off this thought, when you do find someone who truly has, I’ve found that they have incredibly high standards that nobody will ever be able to achieve. Professionally speaking. It can be very lonely at the top.

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  3. That’s true. Although our perception of “giving your all” may vary. People struggling with mental or physical health issues may not look like they are giving it their all compared to their “healthier” counterparts, and yet may be working significantly harder. We also need to be careful to what and to whom we “give our best” to. Typically we save “our best” for our own desires…

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    • Fair enough. I’ve always said my posts are not aimed at those who have mental health issues nor toward people with health issues. But with that said I have secondary progressive MS and I make zero excuses. Health is a matter of the mind. As far as the last part of your comment I’m not exactly sure how to respond. I don’t know what else I would obsess over except things for which I have desire.

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      • What I mean is, sometimes we give our all only to serve ourselves. As a Christian, I need to be giving my all to the Lord and to those in my circle of influence who have need. Too often, I only focus on myself.

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  4. I agree with you but also with the comment mentioning Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the end it’s entirely up to us what we make of our lives and if we take the chances we get, walk through the doors that open. The chances though need to present themselves (and you need to be able to see them) and the doors need to open. So it always takes someone, somewhere, somehow to initiate it. And then of course it’s you who needs to take that driver seat and go… and I feel some people are too hesitant to sit in that seat. That’s where they fail.

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  5. You already know how I feel about this. Different people experience different people and/or experiences. Lol. You, nor I can be everywhere at once, so we won’t know all there is to know about this. You know what you’ve come across in your experiences and I know what I’ve come across. Such is this beautiful thing called life. Thanks for the mention, though!

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  6. I always look inward when I’m trying to figure out if I’m giving my all. About a year ago, someone told me that I am a great worker but I didn’t have any heart. Needless to say, that upset me more than anything. Especially dealing with the military because each day that you show up is showing heart. Then I had to understand what he meant after several months of reflection. The reality, my reality was that I was only running at 50%. I believe whole heartedly that you put out is what you get in return. I love to watch people and most people are running at half throttle and not really doing their absolute very best. I personally have become accountable for ALL of my actions. I journal everything. My highs, my lows, and the goal I set for that week. Self reflection keeps me in check. I’m still not running at 100% and I know I have a lot of work to do still but the challenge of getting there has been rejuvenating. I will say, I read a “self-help” book, The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod and it was the best book I had read in a long time and it has helped me channel my potential in a workable and pressure free way. Now, I will get off my soap box.

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  7. I know how to give my all, but I don’t. You would assume that would be hard to admit, but it’s not. I don’t have a natural drive to do anything. I have to create it. I can’t find anyone else with my exact problem, so it’s difficult to get through with no type of “evidence”. At this point, I’m pretty fed up. Not saying I’m giving up, it’s hard to continue on when there’s no drive/motivation for all the sacrifices I have to make in order to achieve all that I want. One reason why some might not be giving it their all right here.

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