Happy 85th Birthday Ted Cassidy


Today is the 85th birthday of the actor Ted Cassidy. The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

ted cassidy 01NAME: Ted Cassidy
OCCUPATION: Television Actor
BIRTH DATE: July 31, 1932
DEATH DATE: January 16, 1979
EDUCATION: West Virgina Wesleyan College, Stetson University
PLACE OF BIRTH: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PLACE OF DEATH: Los Angeles, California

BEST KNOWN FOR: Ted Cassidy was a 6’9” American actor known for his work in The Addams Family TV series and the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Theodore Crawford “Ted” Cassidy was born on July 31, 1932, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but raised in Philippi, West Virginia. As a boy and young man, he was a standout on the football field and basketball court, in part because of his great height (as a man, he…

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