Crushing the housewife gig? Me neither.

Essential Living with Dakota

Crushing the housewife gig? Me neither. With being a stay at home mom for the last six years, one may assume that I’ve got killer skills in the housewife department. Maybe I should. Truth is, I don’t.

Dinner. Do I really have to make it everyday? Why not every other, or heck, even every third? I’ve run out of dinner ideas. We eat the same handful of things all.the.time. Got a recipe you don’t mind passing along? Drop it in the comments section! I could use a fresh take on meals.

Dishes. I hate doing the dishes. The minute I get the dishes done, someone is throwing a bowl in the sink from their nighttime snack. It’s an everyday occurrence. It’s never-ending. More than once I’ve thought about letting my husband take the dirty dishes out back and use them as target practice.

Mopping. I rarely mop the kitchen floor…

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