Danny’s World: An Unpleasant Surprise This Morning

I went out to jump in the car this morning and someone had broken into our car. We don’t keep any valuables in our vehicles, but they did steal the ashtray with a couple dollars in change. So hopefully that money will do them some good; maybe they need water?  It is what it is.

The change you see in the photo I picked up off the ground outside of our driver side door. I guess this instance could lead me down a thought process of how bad the world sucks and woe is me, but it really is a first-world problem.

31 thoughts on “Danny’s World: An Unpleasant Surprise This Morning

  1. OMG! they took your rare coin collection!!! some people have absolutely no sense of decorum. I guess you’ll have to stop at Caribou for a coffee and start your collection over again.

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    • Hilarious! I had the police in our little town come by and fill out a report and we laughed about the $ change from the ashtray. I bet I reach in their to get change a couple times each day. Now what’s a man supposed to do??? lmao


  2. Thankfully, you guys were not in the car and it ended up being five times worse. It sickens me that this took place. Stranger and stranger our world becomes.

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