44 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/4/17

  1. I mentored someone for 13 years and she just touched base with me the other day. She is about to be a grandma (a very young grandma). Wow! Did that ever make me feel old and remind me of how quick the years can go by. I have a couple of super awesome people in my life right now that we are equally supportive and inspirational to each other.

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      • Yeah, although the years in-between when I stopped the process and now, the person made some pretty rough decisions for their life, but now with grand-baby coming, my hope is she makes different decisions and has some peace. But, it is awesome to have updates. I have been lucky enough to have mentored a few people for a couple years who have grown into fabulous young adults, who Facebook friend me so I can beam at them all over their posts and messages. But the one we’re talking about was a long, long term process. I am grateful I could be part of their paths and they in turn were part of mine.
        Connecting with people in a way that helps them achieve their goals is kind of my quiet passion. 😃

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  2. I have definitely had some very good mentors. Both in the business world and within the church. Right now I would say that in the two Bible studies I go to, one I teach And one attend, I am a mentor to other women who struggle with the same types of things I have struggled with.

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  3. My father-in-law, before I married his daughter, was my first professional boss when I started my career and has been a mentor during the past 32 years of marriage to his daughter. I try to mentor my children and have had success in some cases and no success in others.

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