am i blessed

take a walk

Our state of being can breathe into our foundation of faith, giving it life and energy, running after and through the wonders of who our God is. Just as intensely, though, it has the audacity to drown us in our own pride and definitions of what we think makes life worth it.

For example, we have many states of being that we constantly tend to define our world with; happiness, meaning achievement; fulfillment, meaning attainment; and satisfaction, meaning recognition. These three areas run our mood, behavior, thoughts, and direction; yet I have come to realize, we have it completely wrong.

When something happens within these elements, we are overwhelmed with joy and love. It is a natural reaction to think it is a reward for something we did or said, or simply because of who we are. This mindset has been ingrained in our lives with constant rewards for “doing…

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