Most Don’t Have a Money Problem, They Have a Mind Problem

DannyI recall a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few years ago.  He was upset because he was struggling financially.  He had a decent job, but life's circumstances had turned against him it seemed.  He had gone through a divorce that drained his savings.  He had had a series of car problems that drained every extra cent he had from his last paycheck. He didn't have enough money remaining to eat and still had 10 days until his next paycheck.  Needless to say this friend was down on his luck and was asking to borrow money; which I gave him. The interesting thing is that I had known this guy for a few years and I knew his problem wasn't the divorce or car problems.  His problem was that he lived with a broken mind.

This guy's thinking was flawed so here's what I suggested to him–"you need money and you have money sitting right in your house.  Let's go through your house and collect up all the things you don't touch and have a yard sale.  I'll bet you have close to $500 sitting around."  This was on a Tuesday and on Wednesday he ran a free ad on Craigslist advertising his Saturday yard sale.  The end result?  He made $400.

I started a vintage furniture company with almost zero cash.  I went to an estate sale and bought $30 worth of old furniture which I flipped for $175 in one day.  I then took and reinvested that $175 and turned it into $400 and I was off and running.

Here's my point: you don't need money!  You need a revolution of your mind.  Do you remember my question about giving your all?  This is what I was talking about.  What are you willing to do to change your current circumstances?   My friend had never considered having a yard sale, yet he made $400 in 4 days from things he had lying around his house.  I created $400 in profit in 2 weeks from a simple $100 investment.

If you have a mind dead set on changing, then you will find a way to change.  If you have a mind set on lamenting your circumstances, then you will continue to complain and nothing will change.  I can already see the comments, "I see what you are trying to say, but everyone's circumstances are different.  Some people don't have anything."  And this is true, there are going to be uber-extreme situations where someone in this world doesn't have anything.  But I'm not talking about them, I'm speaking directly to YOU!

Here is a simple formula to make more money right now…

  1. Call your pay television company and cancel your service.  (save $100+)
  2. Collect everything in your house that you don't use and have a yard sale on your day off. (revenue $250)
  3. Go to garage/yard sales and find things of value and flip on Ebay.  (profit $25 per week)
  4. Go to nightly estate/merchandise auctions and buy items of value and flip on Ebay (profit $60 per week)

Monthly Result?

$100 – cable

$250 yard sale

$340 Ebay

=$690 extra money

And I know this works because I did it.  I spent 2 nights per week at auctions buying things that had value and then selling them on Ebay or Craigslist.  I took everything in our home that we never touched and held yard sales.  I attended weekend estate sales and found items I could flip for cash.  Basically I hustled my tail off to make $20 bucks here and there and turned that into a few thousand dollars per month.  It was a lot of work.  It resulted in me working nights and weekends.  It took time.  But I did it and I created an income flow.  The difference was that I had a mind set on finding any way to generate extra money so I did everything I could to scrape together extra dollars to get ahead.

Imagine if you exhausted every avenue to make a few extra dollars and combined that with eliminating wasted expenses!!  Everyone wastes a couple hundred dollars per month on cable, cigarettes, eating out, gym memberships, car payments, Starbucks, driving too much, etc.

The question is-which mind do you have?  One set on getting ahead and finding a way or one set on accepting getting dirt kicked in your face by life and sitting around complaining?  The simple truth is you have extra time and if you have extra time you can use that extra time to make extra money.

(*******even those who have nothing can find a way.  Read this story about a man who traded a paperclip for a house!!)

29 thoughts on “Most Don’t Have a Money Problem, They Have a Mind Problem

  1. Great reminders of perseverance! Thank you. Good to think about this, as I know for me, I get settled and think, this is just the way it is (I’m not talking just about money). If I get lazy and complain that I don’t like something, I need to remember this advice! And DO something about it!! No excusesπŸ™‚

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  2. I get your point and agree. The mindset makes the biggest difference. Broke is a state of mind. It took me seven long years to get out of debt, which I completed in 08/15. I had to learn how to change my mindset, before I could change my situation.

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      • My dysfunctional family history didn’t have to determine my future. I had choices, which I took and obtained my college degree, worked hard to become debt free, got a son through college debt free, in the process of writing a book and building a life coach business. Those options shouldn’t be possibe for those that come up in poverty. Yet, people do it all the time when their start to believe they can!


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  4. I have probably close to $1,000 (yes, that is right) worth of wool in boxes, bags, and totes both here and in storage at our brother’s place. I keep saying I will make items to sell but it would take me years to use it up. I could just as easily sell the good stuff (hand dyed designer wool). Thanks for the encouragement!

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  5. I want you to know that this post pushed me to have a yard sale. We are moving and we have so much stuff that we decided to have one. Then I decided that with my OCD I really didn’t want to do it. I was so conflicted because I knew there was money to be made.

    I read this post awhile back and it stuck with me.

    So today we decided to put a few things out since a neighbor was having a yard sale. We didn’t plan to sell much. Just a trial run really. No advertising…just some tables….
    We sold almost everything and made close to 400 bucks.

    Now I hope I never (ever ever ever) have enough stuff to have a yard sale again because I hated it…the chaos was exhausting, but 400 bucks is amazing. The close to empty garage is pretty amazing too.

    Thanks for the push Danny!

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