The Truth Is I Haven’t Always Been So Positive

DannyAbout once per week I’ll get an email asking me how I maintain such a positive attitude. And I get enough of these emails to make me believe people view me as being a positive person, although, I don’t view myself as a positive person.  The truth is I haven’t always been so positive.

In 2007 I began working for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a PGA Professional.  My job was to manage the golf shop staff, keep the shop stocked with the appropriate types of merchandise, inventory and maintain customer service levels.  For anyone who has worked retail, this short story should register with you.

I worked that job and dealt with customers throughout the store; there were good days and there were really bad days.  And as the years moved forward the really bad days began to outnumber the good days 10 to 1.  Customers in retail are vicious.  They complain constantly.  They drop trash on the floors.  They spill things and use merchandise to cover up the spill.  They leave used condoms in the fitting rooms.  They make messes in the bathrooms that you could never imagine (especially the women’s room!).  They scream, yell and blame the staff for ruining their child’s Christmas.

The list goes on and on.

Dealing with the public turned me into a person who didn’t want to be around people outside of work.  So I began to resent other humans.  I began to hate being around other people.  I saw the worst in humanity and expected people to be awful.  I became a negative person.

Then came 2013 and my retail career ended.  Unfortunately, my negative attitude did not.  It would take me another year or more to eventually purge myself of those negative tendencies and find “Danny’ again.  It was such hard work.  Every day I had to focus on finding the good in people and expecting good things to happen.  I had to go through a complete revolution of my mind to exorcise the negative demons.

It was a long fight, but it was worth it.  I no longer maintain that nasty, negative attitude and I am happy now that people email me asking how I stay so positive.  It’s a great reminder to me that people can change if they want to change.

20 thoughts on “The Truth Is I Haven’t Always Been So Positive

  1. I agree, a positive mental attitude is a choice. People often remark that I am always so smiley, or happy, or whatever. It’s not because I have some kind of amazingly blessed existence or my life is utterly wonderful. My life has the same ups and downs, tragedy, heartbreak and monotony as everyone else’s. But I make a conscious choice each morning to hold my head up, smile and strut around like I own the place. Some days, this is harder to do than others. Some days, it feel nigh on impossible. But I do it, because the alternative is negativity and that just isn’t an option for me.

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    • Thanks for sharing! It does take a lot of effort. But like you said, the alternative is unthinkable for me. I could not imagine going through each day as I once did. Expecting negative, talking negative, being negative. No Fun!

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  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. I have struggled with positivity for as long as I can remember. Depression has dogged me for years. Every day is a battle between giving up and pressing on. Often it’s just a matter of pushing through it. I have found that keeping my mind focused on the positive helps tremendously. Many times I just have to plug in to an audiobook or listen to music when my head wants to drift down some dark path.


  3. Retail is hard and I definitely know women’s bathrooms are much worse than men’s. Yesterday my granddaughter put a bottle of water on the floor while adjusting her package. An employee walked by and said, is that yours? L answered, yes. E said, “well just make sure to take it with you when you leave.” Now I thought that was rude. It was obvious we were adjusting our packages and I was sitting right in front of L helping her. Now if we were attempting to leave or even look like we were, that might have been appropriate, but it was obvious we were clustered around bags trying to fix them into one. No smile, can I help you or anything, just a drop dead expression and a warning. I just looked at her and my granddaughter answered yes, I will.
    We don’t ever leave stuff about. I thought E was rude. I’ve been in her position but would have been chastised by management if they heard me saying anything remotely rude to a customer. To put a good note on this whole thing, we were in another store, looking at a pair of sneakers and couldn’t find the size. A manager came and helped us without being asked. So maybe E was having a bad day?
    I just want to add that I’ve never been treated badly by a male store employee. Maybe some of them are new and not as “jaded” as the women? Whoa, that’s a whole new subject!😂


  4. Wow Danny thanks for sharing this post.. obviously you are an optimistic person which is why you had to find a way to bring out the positivity in you. And leaving used condoms in fitting rooms? OMG thats crazy. Lol. I can’t imagine what you went through. Have a good one💝

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  6. My daughter used to work in retail in a clothing store in a super mall. She had unbelievable stories. Some of the most outrageous ones were the fights customers would get into. That and the shoplifting stories; things being taken out in babies strollers etc. She works in a consulting firm now which is a relief. I am glad you found Danny again. He seems like a pretty good guy and certainly very positive.

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    • Thank you so much. I’m glad I found myself also and I’m also glad I got out of retail and into working for marketing/consulting firm. Retail was just such a brutal industry.


  7. Every mental attitude of ours can be built and I believe so much in maintaining a positive outlook no matter how bad it is. There are days that I might fail in getting it all together, but I’ve seen great results from being positive that I simply navigate my way back to it. Glad you left a situation that wasn’t good for your spirit.

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