38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/10/17

      • The ones that stand out are too numerous to mention, and not all were perfectly memorable either. One when I was 13, Summer before freshman year of high school, and my dad and step-mom drove us and my cousin from home (Charlestown, SC) to Pensacola, Florida via A1A to Miami, then the Keys, then up the Gulf coast after the Everglades, ending in Pensacola. It took about a month and we stopped or drove through every coastal town in between. It was terrific. But we all got each other’s nerves throughout.

        We had a bad girlfriend experience during an otherwise fantastic dive trip to Cozumel years ago. Every Spring Break trip was beyond interesting, and generally bizarre and outta hand with innumerable inside stories. I’ll always remember my first vacation with my wife (we’d been dating for roughly 6 months) to St Lucia, and one of the trips I took driving out to Seattle from New Orleans solo. Lots of….odd…things happened on that one. But I’ve loved all my trips, even bad ones, and never regretted any of them.


    • We do a dolphin boat at Myrtle Beach I’m going to guess it’s very similar. It was so awesome to see the dolphins swim behind the boat jumping around. And some of my most memorable vacations happened on a little island called Joost Van Dyke in the British virgin islands. There’s only about 100 inhabitants and very few places to stay. So it’s very very quiet

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  1. I haven’t taken many “typical” vacations. The one I’d pick would be a long road trip with my then wife and her son from Chicago through New York, Boston, and up and around through Maine, Nova Scotia, and so on and back. That was in the early 70s.

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  2. One memorable holiday was in 2000, just before the Sydney Olympics, I travelled with my then 14 yr old son to Australia. We flew to Sydney, then hired a car and drove to Brisbane, then flew to Cairns. We snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef. Everything in that wonderful country was amazing and stupendous, and I can’t wait to visit again one day.

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  3. Kenya with our kids when they were 10 and 12. We went on a Safari and as we had kids we had a guide all to ourselves. It was spectacular to see the animals on the morning drives. They would be bouncing and leaping in the cool morning air. Nothing like animals in the zoo.


  4. A trip to the Smokey Mountains (Gatlinburg specifically). Rented a cabin for a week and just kicked back and enjoyed the sites and attractions. I still have low grade PTSD from the river rafting incident though. That was a horrible experience for me.


  5. The most interesting vacation I’ve ever taken would have to be my trip to Dallas. Dallas is a wonderful city however, I took the John F Kennedy tour while I was there. What I found interesting is how alive the conspiracy theory of the assasination of JFK is today even after all these years. It was interesting to hear the tour guide as well as other residents share their theories. It gave me the impression I was stuck in a time warp. The assasination of JFK felt like it was a recent tragedy opposed to a tragedy that happened so many years ago. With that said, it was interesting yet a great place to visit.


  6. I went to Italy when I was in high school. It was a life-changing experience. When you see things that were constructed more than 1,000 years ago, it puts the relative newness of our country in perspective. I’ve always wanted to go back and it looks like we might be going there next summer.

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    • Evelina and I are going to visit her family in Poland next year and I’m looking forward to the history also. The church her family attends was built around 1200 c.e.!! It is hard for me to fathom an 800 year old building that is still in use!

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  7. Interesting? Probably when I went to France right after college. Spent time in Paris and in the south of France. It was cultured and full of good food. Most relaxing and favorite vacation though was to an all inclusive in St. Lucia.

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  8. Taking my children to the mountains in Ecuador, sometimes with no running water. Really seeing how other cultures live and are happy with the simple things and love of their family. Customs in Nicaragua was the scariest. Zip lining in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. Volcanoes in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Snorkeling in St. John. Watching my 3 year old a few weeks ago play with children from South America and Europe while in the Dominican Republic – language is not a barrier for kids who want to play : )


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