Sing a Song of Horses


Horses  have fired the imagination  in many creative arts. Here are some of my favorite “horse” songs.  First up is the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”. The song is not about wild horses but uses that image to convey how strongly the singer is attached to the person he loves. Even wild horses could not drag him away. He does not refer to big trucks or tractors  which would be the strongest machines. No he uses the image of wild horses.

Next  Paul Simon  and “One Trick Pony”. He could be singing about a dressage horse ‘dancing’.

This is Elton John “Live like Horses” in a gala, star studded performance that includes Pavarotti . I believe this was a gala for children of war.

For something different here is Bruce Springsteen and the audio of “Pony Boy” from a 1992 concert.

And finally a beautiful song that is entirely about horses…

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