Danny’s World: I Need Your Help!

I am working to grow my subscriber numbers on YouTube.  Here’s an example of my page and a link to subscribe.  Will you subscribe and help me out?


4 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I Need Your Help!

  1. You are so very right, you have to go find your joy because it won’t come to you! After my wife left us, i wallowed in self pity for quite a while and talked like you, “Oh I’ll never find anyone for me.” I lost several friends because of my whining actually. One day though I bought a bicycle and started riding. During my rides I did some serious soul searching, trying to find me. I was given an idea for a story so I started writing. I had so much fun I wrote another and then another. I was having so much fun I even stepped outside my comfort zone and wrote a novel with another author which we actually published! All the while, I was finding the joy I needed to turn my life around. And it was that change in me, that caught the attention and eventually won the heart of this magnificent woman I am married to now. If you want to be happy, you have to go find it!

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    • What a great story!! I try to explain to people that joy only comes into your life when you begin to do things that create joy. No one has ever broken the changes of self-loathing by sitting on the couch.

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