Blog redesign- new identity

Fioza leigh-rhodes

Hello all!

If any of you have followed me from the beginning, you know that Talking to Myselves goes through a lot of redesigns seeing as I’m a very indecisive person…

So wouldn’t you guess it– it’s happening again! I’ve been working on several stories over the past few years with the primary one being a graphic novel. I’ve always planned on centering my sites and this blog around them but things weren’t quite ready yet. Now that all of the concepts are together I will be making the pilot to my graphic novel “Shattered Mirror” and will be posting progress on my page.

Because everything is moving forward, I feel it’s the right time to start a solid identity for myself as an artist so I’ve made a new name, logo, site layout you name it. Here’s what you can expect from my blog from now on:

• Daily…

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