Danny’s World: Week In Review

DannyMy life lately has been focused a lot on MS.  I’m not happy when this happens as it is a reminder that ‘winter is coming’.  I like to think of myself as a normal person, but the reality is that I’m not.  I am a man struggling against the creeping symptoms of multiple sclerosis and the symptoms are getting worse.  I hate admitting that fact.

This week I struggled mightily with fatigue.  I went to bed early most nights, but seemed to run out of steam around 3:00 in the afternoon every day.  I think it might be time to introduce some new natural supplements into the diet.  Or battle it out until the heat and humidity give way to the cooler temperatures of the fall.  I can see me eventually needing to live somewhere with much milder temps.

On a positive note, Evelina found out Monday that she passed her BAR exam.   She is excited and is now making plans for her future.  Surprisingly, she has changed her focus and will be working in the field of real estate law.  She will begin preparing for her real estate exam which she’ll take this fall.  From one exam to the next!

I was able to play a little golf yesterday which was fun, but ran out of energy around the 13th hole.  It was so hot.  Our temperatures have been in the mid-to-high 90’s with 98% humidity for a couple of weeks now.  I don’t care where you live in the United States, the heat in the south is simply different.  You can’t breathe.  The air doesn’t move.  There’s no wind.  It is hot.  It is humid.  And it is awful.  Sorry about that rant.  Golf was fun.  I played with a friend of mine who works for a local county government overseeing their tourism.  We had fun and I shot 77 which isn’t completely terrible.  I did have 2 double bogeys on the back nine which did me in.

Today Evelina and I will be going to the park with Bentley Boy so he can run around and have fun.  Although it’s hot, he deserves some free time to play and smell other dogs.  It’s good for his psyche to spend time around other puppies and play.  He is the sweetest dog on the planet.  I love how he looks at us.

That is our week in a nutshell.  I want to say a hearty thank you to everyone for putting up with me during my partial absence and I’ll be back to full speed blogging in a couple of weeks.  Until then I hope you folks have a great weekend!!


35 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Week In Review

  1. You’re right, Danny, the heat in the South is different. I’ve been to most states that region and it is air you can wear because the humidity feels like you’re operating under a heavy wet blanket.

    I don’t have MS but I can’t stand excessive humidity! I hope feel better soon.

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  2. I hope, that you will feel much better in few days, Danny. Congratulations to Evelina 😀
    You could try to google, where in US would be good for you to live with MS. Friendly temperatures and low humidity. I need the same here because of Arthritis and it has helped me much to move to Spain, where the humidity isn’t that high most of the time.

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  3. I’m so sorry to read of all you’re going through. As I’ve shared I am a cancer survivor who has been surviving the side effects from treatment. Several months ago I began taking a product from anovite called colostrum. Words can not express the difference. A month ago I stopped all cancer meds and added naturopathic medicine. I am taking these in conjunction w colostrum. The colostrum heals your metabolism, immune system and stimulates your growth hormones. It’s Amazing and has healed many people regardless of their illness. My mom has divutivulitis, crowns, ulcerative colitis among other things including a hernia. She Bahan the product a month ago. The swelling in her stomach which had her at a size 12 shrunk and yesterday she put on a pair of size 8 shorts. The pain in her stomach is gone. She has energy again. My friend is a distributor. He’s the one who got me on the product. His story is even more incredible. He was healed from liver disease. My doctors encouraged me to take the product and I’m so glad I have. The good news it’s not expensive. If you’re interested in hearing about it give me a call at 509-750-7451. I’m not going to make any promises that you will be healed but it might help w your symptoms. I have nothing to gain by sharing. We are all in this business to help one another by sharing our stories. Congrats to your wife. Have an awesome day day!

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  4. George’s boss also has MS and she has lived all over the States. She finally moved here to Oklahoma. She said “it feels like Arizona without all the heat”. Oh, and grats to Evelina! My gosh, what an accomplishment!

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  5. Sorry you have been having a time of it Danny. It’s been the same here. Just flat out running out of steam around 2pm. The humidity does seem to make a big difference. Of course we don’t have it like you do here in AZ but with the Monsoons it is way higher than what we are used to. Hope things improve soon. 🙂

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      • It’s been tough. The physical has been a real challenge but the worst has been the fatigue and cognitive issues. I find the cognitive side of it really hard to deal with sometimes. The physical I’m still me. The cognitive I don’t feel like me. If that makes sense. I just try to remember I have so much to be grateful for and there is still so much beauty in life. It good be much worse right. 🙂

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      • It could be worse, but sometimes that not much comfort. I know I have difficulties remembering how to spell things, zip codes, my address, the day, the date. For some these seem like simple things but after a while it gets old having these issues. There are so many things coming at MSers from so many angles that it can be overwhelming.

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  6. Yay Evelina! What a fantastic accomplishment! And Danny, I’m sorry the weather is getting to you. I know how that feels. Winters are always bad for me and, living in Michigan, I nearly shut down some weeks. But you played golf and that was great! I used to love golfing. I was no good at it but I loved it!

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