33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/20/17

      • Hwy 127 is road that runs from MI to AL, roughly 650 miles ending, or starting, depending on where you’re starting from, in Gadsden, AL. All along the route, sometimes 4-lane and sometimes 2-lane, through towns and countryside, there are yard sales set up. Hundreds and hundreds of them. 127 runs right through KY, north/south, from Covington to the Tennessee line, just south of Lake Cumberland. We start in Lawrence urg, KY, about 20 minutes east of us, and make it to the lodge at Cumberland State Park and stay the night. Next day, we head back north and stop at places we missed the prior day. It’s a treasure hunters wet dream! 😃

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  1. Yesterday I was able to enjoy a lovely afternoon driving to a village about 45minutes away from here along the coast. I attended a guided walk introducing us to coastal seaweeds, lichens and trees in Ardnagashel Estate. So very nice it was 🙂

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  2. George and I go and explore Oklahoma every chance we get. We take an average of three day trips per month. Only takes a couple of gallons of gas and a picnic lunch! Great way to discover new places. Our last one was to Kingfisher, Ok (last week).

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  3. We went to Fort Collins in June to sign up my eleven yr old granddaughter for an elite soccer team. It means two practices and 45 min drive each week but she loves it. Getting out of Cheyenne was great. Trees and green as we headed south to FC was wonderful. Of course zFC is a beautiful little city also. Also you get closer to the Rocky Mtns as you head southwest and they are always my favorite view.


  4. Yesterday. My husband, daughter, her boyfriend, and I spent the day in a beach town and ate at our favorite fish restaurant. Weather was perfect, an amazing day. Needed that since we’ve had an awful week, had to say goodbye to our dog. So the escape was nice and much needed.

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