47 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/21/17

  1. Unfortunately, grey skies and overcast weather will prevent us from seeing anything in the UK. Gutted! But I do remember the last time I saw an eclipse and I will never forget it. I was driving when the whole sky went completely dark for around a minute or so. It was extremely eerie! 😳

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  2. made the pinprick cardboard with white paper held underneath it kit..and saw it at about 90%. Totally cool. also tried taking pictures with the i-phone while staring at the ground and holding the phone over my head. Not so good. interesting, but odd. so much for OK seeing it.

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  3. The clouds here parted just enough that I caught a little of the beginning, a sliver as totality was ending, and a bit at the very end. Totality was cloud covered and the cloud cover stayed pretty much lit by the ring. But, at least I was at home and not paying $1000/night for a hotel, or driving many hours to get here.

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