The Park As Good Medicine – Part 4

Being Lydia!

Establishing A Routine

I learned early on after I got sick that it was very easy to fall into the trap of not having an organized day. In all the programs I went to for pain, fibromyalgia, etc. they all stressed how important it was to still have a routine. This included regular bed and wake times, meals, exercise, etc. It is very easy to get out of sync when you don’t have a job to go to or are up half the night with pain.

Where we used to live it was so easy to turn the alarm off after taking my early morning meds and going back to sleep. All we had to do was let Violet and Monkey out to the small back yard for five minutes. Now, when the alarm goes off at 8:30 I get up, take my pills, let Monkey onto the balcony and…

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