Cosmic Corners

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Partial solar eclipse leaves wondrous crescent shadows on a windsurf sailIn our little corner of the galaxy here on Planet Earth, lucky folks on the North American continent got to see perhaps a once-in-a- lifetime experience, a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse painted sublime, crescent-shaped pools of light filtered through the trees onto a nearby windsurf sail in the above featured image.

I regret somewhat that I didn’t make the 9 hour drive north to the Portland/Salem Oregon area, but things in my corner of the world got in the way. Hopefully you are not too sick of eclipse photos, but I wanted to save it for this week’s photo challenge in which the theme is Corner. Hey, I made it work!

August was quite the cosmic show with the annual Perseid meteor shower, a total solar eclipse, and the full moon called “The Sturgeon Moon” as described by The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  Did you know there was also…

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