Just a Thought…

Peace from Panic

The time you enjoyed wasting

I love this message but have to admit I’m conflicted with it too. I feel guilty when I’m not doing anything. But I know that sometimes I need to not be busy. It’s part of self care.

Some days I’m tired, overwhelmed, or just don’t want to look at a computer screen. I know what would make me happy — take a walk, work in the garden, read a book, or just … nothing.

Sitting on the sand watching the waves roll in and out may look like I’m not accomplishing anything at all. But it’s quite the opposite.

I’m clearing my mind and rejuvenating my soul.

7 Ways A Wellness Retreat Just Might Save Your Life

While I sit on my beach towel, I think about how this world is much larger than me. I can’t control everything. Let it go. Problems will be resolved. There’s no need to worry about the small things. Don’t dwell on the past…

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