62 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/26/17

  1. It depends on the trip. Although I have never ridden in a train in the United States. My only train trip was from my first husband’s hometown 300 miles north to Calcutta India. It was not pleasant trip! I have driven across country and I have flown across country. It depends on the speed and the purpose of the trip. I like both!

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  2. I used to love flying, and still enjoy the getting there faster thing with planes. But, it’s such a hassle, with rude employees, delayed or cancelled flights, and the mad dashes to the other sides of terminals to get to connecting flights. I know that sometimes, flying is necessary, but the last 3 trips I’ve taken on planes were utter disasters. Trains are fun, but we’ve only done that a couple times. We tend to travel by car more than anything.

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  3. trains..faster than cars in getting somewhere and I never have to ask George to pull out a map! I love flying but now hate airports. US Customs and the TSA agents are so damnably rude…the lines are outrageous and the rules just plain stupid.

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  4. Well, I did like planes back when they included room for legs and you just showed up at the gate, and they looked at your ticket, and you got on, and then it took off sometime soon (ancient history). Trains? I’ve been on trains mostly for commuting, not long trips. Cars – OK, cars win.

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  5. Road a train from San Antonio TX to Santa Barbara CA when I was a kid. Didn’t know any better so I thought it was ok. Road a train during our trip to Alaska. The novelty wore off very quickly. I much prefer a car but when time is of the essence a plane is a must.

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  6. I’ll put them in order:
    Planes are No1 because they get you where you are going fast.
    Trains are No2 because they are not as fast as Planes.
    Automobiles are No3 because they are slow, you have to drive them, you have to put fuel in them, because the roads are full of other drivers, the majority of whom should never have been given a licence in the first place and finally they omit gases which kill 40,000 people a year in Britain. Good morning Happy Sunday 😘 LOL

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  7. It depends. I travel a lot. If I want to get somewhere quickly or somewhere very far away, planes fit the bill. If I want to travel in a way that has a flexible schedule and is inexpensive, trains are great. You can stretch out and work. If I want the ultimate flexibility, or the other methods aren’t available, it’s a car for me.

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