Biasini Speaks: My human, Ma Leueen, is back!


Hello Dear Humans! Well, if you read my human Ma Leueen’s blog posts you will know  this has been a very hard week. She got sick. She colicked. Now, if you are a human who knows horses you will know that is serious. If you are not familiar with horses, and the dangers of colic, let me enlighten you. We horse were designed to be out grazing and eating 24/7 but that is not how we live now so our digestive systems sometimes act up. We get upset in our intestines and unlike you humans we cannot regurgitate whatever it is that has upset us and sometimes we get gas and then the gas makes our intestines like a balloon.At best it painful and needs veterinary assistance. At worst we have to be cut open and the vets try to fix it.  Sometimes they can’t. Colic is a major cause…

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