For The Love Of Food #6

Reclaiming HOPE

Foods That May Be Helpful For Fibromyalgia

Welcome back to For The Love of Food! We’ve been taking a look at some foods that may be particularly helpful for those of us living with fibromyalgia due to their nutritional content or the ways they work in our bodies. Of course, as we talked about in Part 1, the foundation of a healthy diet, whether you have an illness or not, is real food. Variety is key here — we need to eat a variety of good wholesome foods in order to ensure we’re getting all the nutrients we need. Eating well may not cure us, but it can certainly help us stack the deck in our favor by providing our bodies with the nutrition they need to operate optimally.

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite foods:


Salmon (1 of 1) (2)

In his book, The 150 Healthiest Foods On…

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