10 excellent reasons not to…

Cyranny's Cove

… do house chores.

  1. Obvious: Freja told me not to do them. I listen to her, when her orders suit me. Or when doing what she wants allows me a couple extra sleeping hours.
  2. I’m on vacation. Vacations should be chore-free!
  3. The first episode of The Bachelor – New Zealand has just started. I mean, who’d want to miss out on a guy dating 20 totally awesome chicks to find true love???
  4.  Di, from Matters for the heart reminded me this morning that I had dust bunnies in my spam file (no… I would never compare any of your comments with dirt… I just really like the expression “dust bunnies”).
  5. I could draw myself a hot bath. Make that a bubble bath! Lavender scented, please! Oh, and I could get the wax out… And why not all those creams that every girl buys but that I never use? Oh yeah!…

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