52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/28/17

  1. If I had been asked this question nine years ago, the answer would’ve leaped from my mouth instantly, however, now I am left uncertain. I guess if I really think about it, my happy place isn’t just a particular town it is more than being out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of life. Being with my husband Chris and our cat. That is my happy place. It is not to say that our families don’t make me happy, but being in nature camping in a quiet setting like we did on our honeymoon a couple of weeks ago. That was a happy place.
    It was a week of no cooking, cleaning, drama or depression. Sight seeing the little country towns of Vermont. Even the wasp attacks could not ruin the overall happiness that I felt. To live like that every day would be the best happy place of them all.
    A happy place is not just a particular place, it is more of a state of bliss and peace. A place where you feel completely content.

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  2. Oh dear, Gemini here lol. Right now in my armchair going through Reader on WP. In bed with a great book. As Alexis says the Ocean which has been a constant throughout my life. Sitting in my room with an empty house and my guitar. Seated at the Ballet or Opera in that moment of anticipation as the Orchestra tune up. 😀

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  3. My first thought on this question took me to The Bard:

    “Tell me where is fancy bred,
    Or in the heart or in the head?
    How begot, how nourished?”

    Happy place? Hmmm – I think it tends to wander about, but mostly it is a place of imagination and some nostalgia which tends to edit out the negatives of past places.

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    • I like people who use their imagination. Adulting has a way of killing the imagination which I think is sad. Children have it all figured out and then grown ups come along and screw it all up. lol

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  4. Being surrounded by family, especially my children and grandchildren. Remembering the days gone by and sitting down to dinner with aunts, uncles, and cousins enjoying my mother’s delicious meal. Everything made from scratch and with much love.
    Now I am past 70 yet those days are still vivid in my mind and heart. I am guessing I have done the same for my family and so the circle continues, and rightfully so.

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