Danny’s World: Weird Dreams Lately

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Lately I’ve been having weird dreams.  Last night I dreamed I was having dinner with Donald Trump.  We were sitting at a table and he was wearing a white USA hat and sitting directly across from me.  We were eating the same meal and talking about an issue he was having with a company with which he does business.  In my dream I was familiar with the details as if I had been involved with the proceedings.  I gave the President some advice, spoke with his son Eric about something to do with how much money the kids were making per week.  Then I woke up.

So strange.  Anyone out in the blogosphere interpret dreams?  I would be curious as to what this could possibly mean.  And do me a favor folks…resist the temptation to talk about politics on my page as this is not a political statement of any kind; I don’t do politics.  Thanks!!


20 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Weird Dreams Lately

  1. That’s so funny that you posted this today. I had an odd vivid dream last night too. I woke up and was so confused. When I was very young, there was a show called “Boy meets world”. The main character names were Corey and Tapanga. In my dream, there were together in real life and I happen to run into them just as Corey was having a mental breakdown in a like a city center type of setting. They had legally changed their names to their character names. It was soooo weird. I haven’t watched that show for over 20 years.

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  2. Dreams come from our down conscious of mind and I can imagine several reasons, Danny.
    First that you would like to give him some advice in general.
    Second that you are seeing into the future in your dreams.
    Third that you are attracted to the power, as his has now. I don’t mean this in a negative way, power can also be used positive.
    Just my thoughts.

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