I Don’t Believe That Events In Life Happen Randomly

I Don’t Believe That Events In Life Happen Randomly

Danny's iphone 599I don't believe that events in life happen randomly.  I believe that you meet the people you meet, you end up in places you end up, you work at the job you work for a reason.  Each event, each person, each job is a stone in the staircase of your life.  They are all leading somewhere.  Where?  That I'm not sure.  But what I am sure of is that everything happens for a reason.

I made the decision to attend Charlotte University instead of Wilmington.  Had I left for Wilmington I may never have met Evelina.  I started my blog as a way to vent.  My blog actually led me to my job at Gatehouse; a job that I desperately needed after I closed my business.  Multiple sclerosis seemed like it was the worst thing that could have happened to me.  But once I accepted my reality I found a brand new perspective and appreciation for life that I had never known before.

Did all of these things happen completely randomly?  Is my life the result of happenstance?  I don't believe so.  If you don't believe in a higher power, then I understand that this might be lost on you.  But for me life has a way of always working out.



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  1. Good for you, that you also got to meet Evelina in this way, Danny.
    I believe too, that nothing in our life come as co-incidences, even if there are happenings, as we feel, that we could live without. I have had my part of these, I believe.

      1. Hi, Danny
        Of course, pardon for the lack of elaboration and thanks for following up. In agreement with your belief that people meet other people for a reason,
        I quoted Lao Tsu who put it in the metaphor of a student who is looking for guidance and therefore “attracts” the individuals who can respond to his/her interest or help with the problem. Interestingly, the second part of the saying “When the student is TRULY ready… the teacher will disappear” could be part of your point too? That there is a similar cause and effect reason when people leave relationships? I understood your post also in the sense of the law of attraction, meaning that we attract what we consciously (or even unconsciously) are thinking of.

  2. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. I have known this for most of my life but couldn’t pin point a reason for this belief of mine until almost a year ago. My brother was in a terrible work accident. He was an arborhist. Not to be graphic, but a line tangled around his legs and pulled him into a wood chipper. But somehow, the emergency reverse bar was pulled, and for some strange reason the paramedics were only 2 minutes away instead of 10 miles back at their station, and coincidentally , the closest hospital had received a grant and got a blood machine (can’t think of the name of it) a while back (my brother is the only patient to ever use it). For just this one thing to go terribly terribly wrong, and every single event that followed to go exactly right was beyond astounding. It was a miracle. He spent 3 months in the hospital, has had 24 operations, and 112 units of blood products. He did suffer a below the knee leg amputation. But thats small potatoes compared to what could’ve been. From the very minute he was out of the ICU, I told him that he was meant to be here. That he was meant to do something really great. And just like you, that event is what lead me to blogging.

  3. Wow! Great post. I totally agree. Everything happens for a reason. The people we meet all serve a purpose in our life also. Sometimes it’s hard to see however as time goes by we are always able to look back and recognize the purpose those events served in our life. I do believe in a higher power so much so that hope to believe in a power much greater than myself is the only reason I haven’t given up.

  4. In the midst of some terrible life event it’s difficult to accept that this might be a “good” thing. But with hindsight we see the way these adversities have shaped our lives. Is that because humans are resilient or is it because “things happen for a reason?” I don’t know, but what feels right to me is that each adversity is an opportunity to learn who I really am and to experience being who my soul wants me to be. When I find out for sure I’ll let you know. 😉

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