32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/1/17

  1. Today is our 16th wedding anniversary and 26 years since our very first chance meeting. During those 10 years, we were in and out of each other’s life until we finally realized we were meant to be more than business associates and friends. Yes, I do believe in soul mates!

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  2. Yes! I believe without a doubt that I am married to my soulmate. We are going to celebrate our 35th anniversary in October. It hasnt been easy and we were so, so young when we married…but we weather through it all as partners, and with the unbreakable bond of soulmates.

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  3. it depends on whether you are asking about spouses or friends I suppose. I have a friend who I believe I was meant to meet. We each bring something to the other that is absolutely necessary for happiness. Same with my husband. So, a qualified Yes.

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  4. Hmmm…….I have always had difficulty with this term “soulmate” because Hollywoodites are always saying they have found their”soulmate” and then a year or two years later they are getting divorced. Anyway, in real life , as I have been married for 34 years I would say yes I do.

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  5. Man, I wrote a long reply and it didn’t send. Here goes again!

    Yes and no. As in I don’t believe there’s a “the one” for everyone and they either find them or don’t. I think each single person has a number of POTENTIAL soulmates. Many people dismiss possible candidates because they don’t conform to the other’s expectations or dreams of the perfect guy or girl. My husband didn’t turn out to be the kind of guy I used to dream about. But after coming to enjoy his company, then love him, then marry him, he has BECOME my soulmate. I would define a soulmate (romantically speaking, not just friends) as a guy and a girl who vow to “have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health til death do us part” and really mean it. People who tackle their differences together and come to a harmonious conclusion rather than giving up and separating or divorcing. I guess I would say soulmates are forged, not born. I’m very happy to be chosen by mine.

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