After holding the person in the mirror accountable, I faced the real truth about weight loss. It wasn’t only about the emotions I ate, it was also 80% mental and 20% head knowledge (mirroring the financial freedom process). For those of us constantly on the front line battling the addition of love handles on top of those already holding us hostage, there are other components which render the process even more challenging.  A common theme is grenades being dropped onto our private battle fields by our circles of influence. Criticism seems to flow as freely as water from a fountain from those who feel the need to share their expertise. The problem for us is, they aren’t experts.


For some repeat offenders, our weight loss views are as personal as our political and religious preferences. When others insert themselves into our private journey, it adds stress to our already overflowing plates (which tempts us to stuff down our emotions with comfort foods) and strains relationships. It especially bites when those opinions are forced upon us from behind the…

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