52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/2/17

    • I am not sure if I am a good driver, but I am a driver that observes the rules to the best extent of my knowledge. It drives me crazy to watch people change lanes through intersections, no signal, texting and driving.

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      • My current pet peeve (other than tailgaters, which is chronic) is people on two lane roads who can’t seem to stay on their own side of the yellow lines. On the curvy mountain roads with blind curves here they can be seriously scary. I’ve had some real close calls on Hwy-64 between Highlands and Franklin. If I feel the need of a cardio stress test, I’ll go to the doctor.

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      • And here, add sightseeers, both those driving and those parked on the side. Oh, and then there are ones taking pictures of a waterfall and stepping backward toward the driving lanes trying to get the whole thing in the picture. Leaf season is just around the corner – Oh, Joy! Oh, well, tourism is our bread and butter here.

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  1. I agree with the other comments. I do drive above the speed limit at times but not more than 10kph ( sorry don’t know what that is in mph) over the limit and it also depends on where I am (ie. never above the limit in a school zone). The rest of the traffic laws make sense to me and are good safety precautions.

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