M – Part Five

Cyranny's Cove


I still have a chance to pull through, since he will undoubtedly have to get out of the office for a few minutes; there is no curtain around the tiny area for the examining table, and I hope to have a little intimacy to change into the hospital gown. I quickly look for paper towels, toilet paper, newspaper… But I am out of luck! I finally make up my mind to use a piece of the gown if I can’t keep from having a hormone accident… At least I have a plan B.

I sneak around in case evading is the only solution left. No window, then again, on second though jumping off the eleventh floor wouldn’t be my greatest idea ever… There is an air vent, but even though I am quite athletic, I don’t really feel like spending time in the air duct. I lose my breath in…

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