The Mammogram Saga Comes To An End

Being Lydia!

When a person with chronic health issues finds themselves dealing with a new challenge, whether acute or chronic, big or small, it can often feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Back in March, during the time we were buying and selling our house, I wrote about how my screening mammogram turned into an adventure I was not expecting.

That screening exam brought on a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound, followed by a consultation with the resident oncologist. She recommended an MRI which, even fast-tracked took over two months to book.

The MRI was an experience I never want to repeat (but will, of course, if I have to). I was told to climb up onto the table that was fairly high. I had to lay on my stomach with my head and breasts in padded holes. Laying on my stomach for any reason or length of time…

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