Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/5/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you believe time really exists?  

If you say yes, explain how you know. If you say no please explain your argument.  

36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/5/17

  1. Time is looking at the stars and knowing so many of them are no longer shining. Time is making a phone call across the globe and knowing the sun is already set in London. Time is thinking about the people who changed your life and knowing you actually changed.
    You can argue semantics and philosophy and suggest a fifth dimensional perspective yet time remains part of our existence.

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      • My understanding is as follows, you might have to explain your thinking since I’m not sure how it would make time non-existent.
        – relativity makes time relative to the speed and distance from mass the individual is, this can slow and speed up time relative to others’ time. Basic examples of this are gps satellites that need to self correct daily due to being further away from the gravity to the earth than regular clocks, their time is moving relative.
        If events are not linear and happening simultaneously, that is a fifth dimensional perspective as I mentioned before. The fourth dimension is time so experiencing events in a non linear form would have to be experiencing time from a fifth dimension. At least that is the most popular working theory that the universe is built up of overlapping dimensions, the basis of which are; height, width, depth and time, so we experience everything in 4-D since time moves like a river through our experience. Causality is a basic truth of our existence, if two atoms collide there is a pre-state and post state, even from a fifth dimensional perspective there would still be these two states, how they would be perceived or experienced is a whole other question.

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      • I am not making a specific point. I just ask questions to further the discussion. I believe time is linear and I don’t have the mental capacity to fully understand five dimensions. It gets very “science fictiony” which is fun in the movies but blows my brain a bit when trying to understand the scope of the possibilities.

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  2. I suppose some sort of time-space continuum exists. Time itself, as we know it, is a man-made concoction though. I mean, the earth rotates 360 degrees in a certain amount time, the earth orbits around the sun in a certain amount of time, etc. So, I believe some form of time elapsing is real. But are quantifying it accurately? Who the hell knows. 😃

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  3. And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, – Genesis 1:14 This would seem to quantify what time is. So I would say God created time, though He is not limited by it.

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      • Lots of historians have looked into the Bible and been able to validate it. Atheists have studied it to disprove it and in the end they also believe. Plus my personal experience backs up it’s truth. Therefore, I know time exists.

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      • I was more talking personal experience led me to believe the Bible was real, therefore time exists. But if that doesn’t count in your books, I guess the fact that we’re not infinitely good at multi-tasking would be one thing. We can only do a few things (or for some, only one) at a time. In the past I took a bite of food. In the present I’m swallowing it. In the future I will digest it. If time was an illusion, our capabilities would be practically endless. Thinking of the guy on x-men days of future past whose gift was more or less to stop or at least slow time, and look at all he accomplished while those around him didn’t even have time to scratch their noses. At the least I would say time exists in the visible universe as we see motion in the heavens which span different lengths of time. In a way you could say time goes much slower for some celestial objects than others as they have longer and shorter days and years, but they all run their course eventually. If time was an illusion it would be a very intricately planned one, and if someone doesn’t believe the Bible, why would they believe in a higher being making extravagant illusions just to mess with us? Why that and not creation? Or did the extravagant illusion just happen? Not arguing with anyone, just making a point.


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    • See, you get the spirit of the post. These are the types of questions that are easy to say yes time exist, but how many people actually take time to fully understand how they know time exists? Or as you have pointed out how they even know they actually exist. This could all be an illusion.

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