Some People Never Cease To Amaze Me

I had someone tell me that I am lucky to have the life I have.  And honestly it made incredibly angry.  Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity and I am constantly preparing myself; which means I work diligently and hard!  I’m not lucky, I’m a dedicated worker.  To say I am lucky negates or minimizes the years of struggle and sacrifice to get where I am.  To tell me I’m lucky is to slap my face and spit on me.

I didn’t hit a lottery, I worked my a$$ off!!

13 thoughts on “Some People Never Cease To Amaze Me

  1. Sweetie……when someone says you are lucky, don’t waste all that emotion on their comment. What they are really saying is “I am jealous of your…success, life, home, family, whatever”. Say yes I know, and walk away. So much more satisfactory than smacking them upside their heads……lol

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  2. If you are sure that the person addressing you truly isn’t interested in expending effort on their own behalf and they still complain, then sure, them attributing your success to luck — when you know yourself to have worked hard for it — would be frustrating.
    If you don’t know much about them, though, this seems like a strong reaction to have… Everybody starts somewhere a little different — and it hits me as potentially insensitive not to recognize which things we ourselves have been fortunate in, outside of our will and effort.

    To take an extreme example: any one of us could have been born into ‘third world’ circumstances where our hard work would help us survive and advance but not necessarily reach the same kind of success as others who weren’t.
    A more down to earth example: when i went to college for the first time in my 30s, the first in any of my family of origin to ever go to college at all, one of my most respected professors was exactly the same age as me. His father had been a professor.
    I aspired to be one too — what was possible and what was required in each of our paths to reach that goal was not equal, based on starting point.

    Respectfully offered… It rubs me a little wrong when someone who has worked hard — as you obviously have — doesn’t still acknowledge some good fortune in the random point you started from.
    I agree that some people take the easy way out and then complain, and others are unwilling or afraid to try, but let’s not be so sure about others we don’t know.
    Just because someone doesn’t appear successful by our definition doesn’t mean they don’t struggle and sacrifice.


    • I’m not sure why you would say I don’t acknowledge some good fortune. My body of work in my life and on my blog have always acknowledged that fortune plays a part in every person’s life. This post was a raw moment in which I expressed my aggravation with an individual and is not intended to be my manifesto. I’m not sure what else to say.

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