Barefoot? Yes or No?


In all of the equestrian disciplines there is an ongoing discussion about the advisability of shoeing a horse. To shoe or not to shoe?  There are horse owners and trainers on both sides of the discussion. The anti-shoe side says that shoeing is not natural and a horse is better barefoot; the balance of the foot is better, less strain on the tendons and ligaments of the leg, the circulation is improved by the contact with the ground with every step. The pro-shoe side says that for a horse in work the shoe protects the hoof; less risk of damage, breaking and chipping of the hoof wall, stone bruises on the sole causing abscesses, shoes, and also with the addition of pads , can assist in correcting improper balance of the hoof.

Well you get the picture. But who is right?

I think a great deal depends on what you…

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