Not Everyone Understands How To Struggle

DannyThere is a key element to success that not all people understand: struggle.  Struggle is a key element of getting ahead.  It exists in quitting smoking.  It exists in losing weight.  It exists in getting a promotion.  It exists in building a business. It exists in making more money.   Any time you look to advance yourself you can bet that struggle will play into the equation at some point.

For Mark Cuban it was living in an apartment with 6 other guys eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches.  For some it might be living without pay television, internet and not eating out for a year or more.  For others it might involve walking to work instead of driving.

I have joked in the past that anyone can work a home budget of $5000 per month, but it takes talent to live for a couple of weeks on $20.  You know you’ve lived the struggle when you can live in a major metro area and have the skills to stretch that 20 bucks to its max!

Most people are afraid of the struggle and they don’t know how to handle it.  Which explains why more people don’t reach their personal goals.  It’s not laziness.  It’s not lack of motivation.  It’s not lack of education.  It’s fear.  They fear the struggle.  They fear the ‘what if’ part of success that says ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’.

10 thoughts on “Not Everyone Understands How To Struggle

  1. People learn fear from negative past experiences. I would caution against judging someone else’s ‘failure’ to succeed in such a definitive way.
    Many struggle intensely against obstacles we do not ourselves face and therefore may not understand.


    • I think we all are. I had to learn how to struggle and how to understand struggle as a part of the process. For many years I viewed struggle as a negative, but once I started understanding it as a stepping stone my mind turned around.

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      • For the past few months I’ve started to view struggle as a sign that I’ve got something wrong. That it’s not the way life needs to be, and I have the utmost respect for people who make it part of their lives, whatever the reason, but that it’s something I can avoid. Though, to my credit, I’ve had my own fair bit of tough circumstances recently. I may have lost a close friend to betrayal just six months ago, around the same time my grandma (my best friend) passed. And I MAY have reacted embarrassingly pathetically at the time. Not a fan of struggle, me. But I’d be willing to change that outlook. It’s early days yet.

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      • Each person must figure if the struggle is necessary or unnecessary. Sometimes we do things that bring unnecessary struggle. For instance, there’s no need to struggle financially because we need to buy too many new clothes. That is part of the challenge. What struggle is quality and which is not.

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