Danny’s World: Today Is A Half Day and Buying Land


Today is a half day for me at work so I’ll be spending some time with Evelina’s mom and dad.  They have been in town since Sunday and it has been nice having them here for a few days.  I think today we are going to go look at my sister’s in-law suite and get together some ideas for our new home.  Oh, by the way, we are building a new home next year.

Evelina’s father and I would like 10-20 acres of land to provide a refuge and a little peace and quiet.  Evelina and her mother prefer to live near modernity.  So we have a conflict of views.  Somehow we will need to find common ground.  I am hoping today we can also go look at land in south Charlotte.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

14 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Today Is A Half Day and Buying Land

  1. Good luck on the land search. It’ll be tough finding that much land without getting outside the city though, but it’s oh so worth it.

    We were just in charlotte yesterday morning by the way. We’re in Asheville through Sunday, instead of Key West (original plans thwarted). 😒

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