32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/8/17

  1. I go everywhere with my jotter and pen. Literally. Because inspiration can come at anytime. It can be in a song lyric, an Internet meme, something someone said, maybe drop into my head while I’m there , in the bathroom. When I’ve waited all day and nothing in my jotter seems interesting enough at the moment, I bug my boyfriend (talking with him always inspires me) or I go to sleep and hope I dream up something.

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  2. Do I find it, or does it find me? There’s a good question. It could be in the news, something I’m reading, other blogs, a memory. I tend to thing that the work of finding inspiration is mostly done by my unconscious, combined with practicing to be ready for it.

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  3. It depends, I always have a note book with me, just in case i find inspiration as I am out and about, some times I have a topic which I write about for a few days or it can be things which pop up during my work or day, there is always topics that spike my interest.

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  4. Day-to-day events inspire me to write as a way to deal with the thoughts associated with this so called life. I write to expel the demons. I am dreading the day when writing about my feelings may no longer be enough.

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