Danny’s World: Saturday Morning Goings-On

Danny’s World: Saturday Morning Goings-On


It is Saturday morning and as usual I am the first person up and stirring.  Coffee in hand I am working through comments from yesterday and reading about where bloggers find their inspiration.  I asked the question to see if I can find a little gem of an idea because lately I’ve been in a bit of a blog drought.  I’ve been at this blog thing for nearly 3 years and I’ve never taken a full day off.  When I first started this journey I thought I would write, post and the people would eventually flock to my page to read.  The truth is blogging is a verb and requires action to get action.  And for that reason I don’t take time away from my website.

I guess all bloggers go through slumps?


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  1. I certainly have gone through slumps. There have been days when i had no clue what to write, or even whether or not I should attempt it. They will pass quickly though if I just READ …whether it is reading other blogs, or the newspaper, the very act of reading will bring about a thought that i can write about. Here’s hoping your little slump is a fast-acting one……much like a fast acting medicine!

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