“in the days of His flesh”

take a walk

Have you ever noticed how fragile our flesh is? The lengths with which we go to protect it and to heal it. The shields, pads, and band aids yet with a shock to our system we are broken easily. We are disturbed at our feeble body and its’ destructible center. Until that moment though we wholeheartedly believe we are invincible. Both with our body and our hearts. We seek out power, we desire a courageous build and a tough surface. And we want others to know about it, to trust us with it, and request it. To seem weak, is detestable.

Seem too far-fetched? Think about the way you react to painful news, a broken heart, injury, trauma, stressful situation. Do we not tend to hide our pain? Do we not tell others we are “fine.” Do we not tell ourselves to suck it up, to move on, to deal…

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