37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/10/17

  1. I started my blog to give people a glimpse into my native country and its culture and traditions. The media always talks about how dangerous Mexico is, but they never mention any of the wonderful things you can find here. It also isn’t as dangerous as the media makes it seems. And I wanted to speak out about that.

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  2. I have been writing since I was in junior high. My dream was to become a published author. Life happened and didn’t include a book. I began sharing my stories on Facebook. My friends all encouraged me to blog. I gues my life is of interest to them. When I was diagnosed with cancer I decided to take that blogging step. Not for notariety rather My hope was my story filled with so many challenges would be hope the hope to others that I so desperately needed myself

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  3. That’s funny actually. I wanted to speak out about political issues and injustice in the world, but no one read them lol. So I just started writing whatever came into my head, life stuff. That did a lot better. When I reflected upon it people are probably sick of political stuff and the injustices of the world, we want something light, entertaining and fun. Or maybe the stuff I wrote was rubbish haha. Anyway I happy writing what I write now so the world is beautiful place again 😀 Good question buddy 😜

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  4. I started out blogging as part of a school assignment. We were supposed to create an author website to help promote ourselves. To build a platform and an audience. What I found though was more than promoting myself as an aspiring author. I found a great network of friends, supporters, and encouragement. I found ways to help others and to get help myself. to learn about myself and learn new ideas for a variety of things in our day to day lives.
    God bless all and I am glad to be a part of this world with all of you.

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  5. Because I wanted to highlight mental health and also because I wanted to show how stupid the UK benefit system is. I was fed up of the media portraying people on benefits as liars and cheats, or earning enough to go on 5 holidays a year, rather than the truth, that many people are relying on food banks and struggling. I could go on.

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