Danny’s World: Irma Is Now Only a Storm

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I hope everyone is safe following Irma moving through Florida.  The hurricane is now a storm and is dropping rain in Georgia so I guess the worst is over.  Now it is time to count our fingers and toes and account for friends and family.  The power of nature is humbling.

10 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Irma Is Now Only a Storm

  1. All is well with my family in Sarasota. They just got a side-swipe, so they were lucky. Our friends in Key West evacuated, so they’re fine….but have yet to get damage assessment from there. Have. Even told it’s a mess, but yet to see.

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  2. This weekend has definitely been thought provoking. Here in Mexico, we had an earthquake devastate a very poor and remote province, and we also had a hurricane flood a major tourist area. In Florida, hurricane Irma severely damaged and flooded many towns and cities, including glamorous downtown Miami. The storm also devastated many Caribbean islands, including Cuba. Natural disasters don’t care for borders and nationalities. In the end, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, you can still lose your home or your life to the force of nature. Very humbling indeed.

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