54 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/11/17

  1. I was at our local radio stations to do an interview for the programs that we were going to be happening at our local recreation center. I saw it on the news as the second one is happening on the TV monitor in the radio station. It was totally hard to believe. My news was minute in comparison.

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  2. I was at work. I remember I was working with a patient in-room and she had her tv on CBS. They were showing footage of the first tower burning, and they knew a plane had hit it, but other info was sketchy. They were under the assumption it could’ve been an accident at that time. While they were talking, and the cameras fixed on the flames and smoke, my patient and I watched, talking about how sad and how could a plane accidentally hit a building that tall and she recalled when it happened back in the 40’s or 50’s at the Empire State Building. Then, out of nowhere, we watched the second plane come in a slam into the second tower. At that point, it was obvious it was no accident. Then reports of the Pentagon came in. It was intense and chaotic, and then the people started jumping, etc. By the time the first tower collapsed, I don’t think any of us could believe it and none of us felt safe, no matter where we were.

    Still seems surreal. Still so pointless. Nothing much has changed from that fateful morning. The terrorists didn’t win anything by doing it and we still have to fight this endless battle. Innocent people gone for nothing. Senseless.

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  3. In the kitchen and heard on the CBC radio that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I ran into the living room and turned on the TV. I did not move from it for hours. Our son was away and he phoned up and was very nervous. Our daughter went into denial and refused to watch any of it on tv even later in the day. For me it is up there with the day Kennedy was assassinated.

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  4. I was working for a local newspaper at the time, getting excited about my upcoming 21st birthday in just over a weeks time. We watched in disbelief as the horror unfolded on the many screens around the office. At first, we thought it was a trailer for a film or TV programme. It took a while to sink in that it was real. At the time, the editor thought it was down to the Chinese, for some reason.

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  5. Freshman year of college, late for my first class. I learned about it there. We kept trying to go on and have class. Finally the teacher dismissed us and they canceled school the rest of the day. Everyone went together to the student union and huddled around a TV watching the news and trying to make sense of it.

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  6. I was at home in my apartment in Cottonwood, AZ. Although it was a day off for me from my job as a Crisis Therapist at the local Community Mental Health Clinic, I was prepared to be called in, but there was no rush of panicked clients. I think most people were just too stunned to react right away.

    It is one of those permanent Post It notes in the calendar of our lives, like where I was on 11/22/63, a college dorm in Washington, DC.

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  7. At work. I was a drug counselor for a non-profit facility, facing a mentally unstable high as a kit client waving a loaded gun in my face and demanding I open the meds cabinet. The television was on in the room and suddenly switched to the news that tower one had been hit by an airplane. It distracted the client enough for me to simply gently take away his weapon, sit him down and call the police. As Bob said, it is a “permanent post-it note in the calendar” of my life.

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  8. My husband and we’re getting ready for an appointment with the vet for our dog. We were in Houston in a small apartment just watching the news. I knew immediately it was a terrorist attack. My first thought was our oldest son who was living and working in NYC at the time. He was safe.

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  9. I was a freshman in college, sleeping, and my uncle called me and told me to put on the TV. Most of our classes got canceled that day, but my anthropology class was still on, but we just talked about the attacks and he explained Muslim culture. A lot of the people in my dorm lived in North Jersey/New York area, so there was a lot of chaos. My parents actually wanted me to come home because of everything; I stayed, but a lot of people did leave.

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  10. I was in Alaska with the time zone four hours earlier from the East Coast. I was sleeping and when my clock radio went off, I heard the DJ say, “this is not a joke.” He proceeded to tell the news. I watched TV and saw the plane going into the Twin Towers and all the debri flying. At work, we had a TV on in the conference room, showing the same things. It was shocking. I had a niece and nephew living in NYC but couldn’t contact them right away. It turned out they were fine, just traumatized from everything.

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  11. Back home in Switzerland with the boy of my friend who back then was 4 or 6. We just came back from a little ride out on the pony (he was riding the pony and I was walking it) and as always the radio was on in the stable. We were just brushing the pony to then let it go back on the pastures when the news came on. It must have been about 4pm or so. That was it. I listened and tried to explain to him what it was all about. He got that there was something crazy going on. His mum picked him up just minutes later and so I joined my husband who was working in the living room and had turned the TV on to watch the news. It was on a live coverage of CNN and the images showed the first tower and then we saw the plane approach. It was so surreal. We watched as it hit the tower…
    My husband had just returned from New York a couple of days prior. A friend of ours who was a flight attendant at the time was supposed to be in the towers for breakfast that morning but one of the girls forgot something in their hotel room and then they got stuck in traffic on the way there…
    It’s all so clear still… crazy…

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