7 thoughts on “Danny’s World: How MS Has Made Maintaining Friendships Difficult

  1. I totally understand the way you feel, I am attached to my Home at the hip ! I have everything i want and being a social butterfly is not high on my list anymore I appreciate all the little things that I have now in my life, including my now healthy heart, life is good I am happy and thats what counts, if your “happy” what more can we want. Everyone has limitations in some shape or form, we accept them, and love what we can do and have, take care lol

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  2. This is totally relatable. My social life has totally changed. I have to be extremely mindful of what I choose to do now, and more times than I can count, Ive had to back out of plans. I have been able to maintain my friendships with my really good friends. Some people have backed out of my life, and Im grateful for the new people who have come into my life and have become my friends.

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