Biasini Speaks: Look At Me Go!


Well, Dear Humans, I think many of you will know that my human, Ma Leueen, is away visiting her offspring, her “son” as she calls him in another country. She has taken my friend David with her.  So, this means that Coach Belinda is riding me and also Trainer Lynsey.  With Trainer Lynsey I do some fabulous stuff; not dressage AT ALL!  Now with Coach Belinda I do dressage and I work VERY hard because I want to show her I can do well. But with Trainer Lynsey we just have FUN!

She takes me up to the big grass field at the back and we warm up and then she canters me out into the forest loop and then back up the hill, onto the grass field and across it to the loop again. Here….take a look!

As you can see in that video at the end I go…

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