40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/13/17

  1. That’s interesting as I thought they just sat in a rocket, but then I remembered Dan Dare and his life was at risk all the time, so no probably not. Apart from that you have to wee and pooh in a tube so definitely not. I think I’d probably drop out as soon as I had to “Take my protein pills and put my helmet on.” 😉

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  2. If it were on the semi-dependable space shuttle, perhaps, but the only way we get to space these days is on a Russian or Chinese rocket or, in the future, on a commercial one. Until we have a more dependable conveyance, I will stay where the gravity says I’m overweight instead of weightless.

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    • We haven’t blown any up because the program is suspended and we rely on Russia, right? Even though I would not visit space I wish the U.S. would revisit making NASA what it was years ago. It was inspiring watching those rockets blast into space.

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      • NASA’s golden age was the Apollo program and the moon landings. We beat the Russians there and the driving ambition (i.e., political will) dried up. So did theirs. I’m constantly disappointed that even with the ISS, we Earthlings have still, 40+ years after landing on the Moon, have managed to keep only 6, count them, 6 people at a time in space, and that in low Earth orbit.

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      • I agree. The people who say we will one day colonize other planets mistakenly believe that we have actually spent enough time in space to know what we are doing. The truth is that other than the six moon trips, man has never been out of our own at gravitational pull! lol Space travel is hundreds of years away.

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