Back On The Path To Self-Care

Reclaiming HOPE

Back on the Path

I’m a planner. I like planning things out, making my “to-do” list, and checking things off. There’s only one problem — life (and fibromyalgia) doesn’t care about my planning and “to-do” list. That has become quite evident in the last week and a half.

I spent Labor Day weekend and the first two days of last week going back and forth to the hospital, basically acting as patient advocate for a family member and a go-between for family/caregivers and the hospital staff (I’m the only family member who lives in the area). I was happy to do it; there are so many things I can’t do now, I’m always happy to do the things I can. It does take a toll on my body though, and honestly, by Tuesday, I was completely worn out. The only thing keeping me going was prayer.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were busy…

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