I’m In A Bit Of a Blog Slump

A Blog to Inspire and Challenge You!I am in a bit of a blog slump.  I guess it’s bound to happen eventually if you do this blog thing for any length of time.  I’m approaching 3 years and I find myself struggling to produce content and feel as though my page has become somewhat repetitious.  I guess the real feeling is that I’m simply going through the motions.  Ever felt like that?

What have some of you done to break out of this type of funk?

33 thoughts on “I’m In A Bit Of a Blog Slump

  1. Take a day or 2 weeks off without blogging at all. Then do something different outside your house. Take a walk in the nature or visit some places, where you haven’t been before. This usually works for me, when I have needed inspiration. Good luck 🙂

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  2. I take a couple days off and read other peoples blogs. It takes the pressure off having to create and keeps me engaged in blogosphere. I dont post everyday, but still at 3-4 times a week for almost 2 years I get blocked and lose my uumph! When I take some time to really read the people I follow posts, it seems to remotivate and reengages me.

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  3. Hi, you have great content. Daily experiences can present the best blog content…even if you are not the subject of the content. I’m sure your neighbor is nosey, or your friend had a weird encounter, or the cashier was missing at your area store. If I had the time to blog more…I would think my readers would suggest that I attract the weirdest situations..lol..dont stop now 😊

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    • I’ll not stop. As I said in other comments, I am experiencing a motivation problem, not a content or inspiration problem. Right now I’m relying on discipline to push me through.


  4. So – thanks for that. You inspired me to do it. Strangely enough my blog post was about procrastination. It’s just gone ‘live.’
    Now then, what shall I do next?
    Oooh look – an interesting documentary on the life and times of that bloke off the telly – you know the one, thingummyjig. He was in that thing about whatever it was with her off – don’t tell me it’s on the tip of my tongue…

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